Winning the Board’s Support: How Business Owners, CEOs and Management Boards Can Champion a Chief Transformation Officer

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Introduction, Use Cases

As a business owner, CEO, or member of a management board, you realize the necessity of being current and ahead of the competition. Adding a Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) to your board is one method to accomplish this. However, you may encounter opposition from current board members who are concerned about the impact on their jobs and responsibilities. I’ll provide you a road map for overcoming these obstacles, dealing with negative emotions, and garnering the support you need to successfully incorporate a CTO into your firm.

Emphasize the unique value of a CTO

  • Explain the role: Begin by clearly describing the CTO’s job, responsibilities, and how it varies from the roles of current board members.
  • Emphasize the strategic focus: Highlight the CTO’s long-term strategic significance, particularly in terms of digital transformation, growth, and innovation.
  • Share success stories: Present case studies of businesses that have benefited from the knowledge of a CTO, highlighting the potential benefits for your organization.

Address any negative feelings or concerns.

  • Acknowledge feelings: Recognize and validate any board members’ worries or negative feelings, exhibiting empathy and compassion.
  • Address redundancy fears: Explain how a CTO supplements rather than replaces current board responsibilities by providing specific skills in transformation and digital strategy.
  • Reiterate the significance of collaboration: In order to ensure that board members understand that their advice and experience will continue to be valued and sought, emphasize the collaborative nature of a CTO’s work.

Demonstrate the advantages to current board members

  • Personal development: Emphasize the chance for board members to learn from the CTO and broaden their skill sets, particularly in digital transformation and strategy.
  • Shared responsibility: Demonstrate how a CTO may relieve burden on existing board members by taking on transformation-related tasks, freeing them up to focus on their main responsibilities.
  • Improved decision-making: Explain how the CTO’s experience may help the organization make better decisions, eventually benefiting all board members.

Make a detailed action plan

  • Describe the hiring procedure: Provide a clear plan for locating and recruiting the ideal CTO candidate, along with dates and critical milestones.
  • Define performance indicators: Establish measurable success indicators to demonstrate your commitment to accountability and transparency.
  • Encourage board participation: In order to build a sense of ownership and involvement, invite board members to participate in the hiring process and contribute to the establishment of performance criteria.


To successfully advocate for a Chief Transformation Officer inside your firm, you must carefully evaluate the concerns and emotions of current board members. You may gain consensus and support for this strategic addition to your team by addressing their concerns, showcasing the unique value a CTO delivers, and offering a clear action plan.

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