“Unleashing potential: how quant analysis and franchising are transforming the $140 billion Indian market”

by | Jul 16, 2023 | News, Retail

Imagine being in a world where business transformation is not driven by gut feelings or subjective opinions, but backed by data-driven decisions and strategic expansion. Welcome to a narrative about quantitative analysis and franchising.

Decoding Quantitative Analysis

When it comes to making well-informed decisions grounded on hard facts rather than hearsay, the role of quantitative analysis can't be overstated. Remember the wise words saying “In God we trust; all others must bring data.”? Well, let's dive deep into this fascinating world.

Have you heard about FTCH (Farfetch Limited)? It's an interesting case study. At this point:

  • The 12-month average price target stands at $38.18.
  • The high forecast is pegged at $60 while the low forecast is at $19.
  • The stock has shown less volatility compared to 75% of US stocks over the past three months.

What does this mean for you?

This kind of information can assist in making better strategic decisions – whether you're an investor or someone associated with FTCH.

The Powerhouse called Franchising

On another front, there's something just as intriguing as quantitative analysis – franchising. Ray Kroc once said that “Franchisees are our best idea.” Could there be more truth to his statement?

Consider India's franchise industry. With predicted growth figures skyrocketing in next five years from its current mark estimated around USD 47-48 billion to USD 140-150 billion. It's quite an impressive leap don't you think?

Digging Deeper into Quantitative Analysis

Let's take another look at TJX Companies Inc., another example worth checking out:

  • TJX shows less volatility compared to approximately 90% US stocks evaluated over preceding three months — indicating stability.

And what about India's fast-growing franchise industry? Specifically;

  • franchises alone are expected account for around 45% share
  • Education-related franchises should secure approximately a 25% stake.

Crafting The Big Picture: Quantitative Analysis + Franchising = Transformation

Now, having explored each area individually, can you see how quantitative analysis and franchising could play vital roles in enabling organizational transition?

But remember – these powerful tools only work when the unique needs of your company are understood and these mechanisms aligned towards your overall objectives. As Peter Drucker aptly put it: “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing right things.”

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