“Embracing change: How tech leaders like Ananth Krishnan shape the future of business transformation”

by | Aug 1, 2023 | News, Technology

In an era where the business landscape is evolving at lightning speed, the role of leadership within organizations is gaining prominence. An intriguing shift is afoot – the emergence of a new breed of leaders, proficient in their core expertise while also possessing a clear vision for holistic growth.

Leadership Redefined

It's no longer about siloed roles—cross-functional integration at all levels has become imperative. This paradigm shift has brought forth a new breed of top-level executives who are not just tech-savvy but have a knack for aligning with overall business strategies.

  • Ananth Krishnan, former CTO of TCS, once said: “Our ability to reimagine and reconfigure our operations through is key to survival in this new-age world.”
  • A recent collaboration between Citi Group and Finos on common cloud controls further showcases this trend.

Navigating between Strategy and Execution

As per PwC's Annual Global CEO Survey, 2020 – driving transformation requires leaders who can bridge the divide between strategy development and execution—a major challenge acknowledged by 67% global CEOs.

  • The success of any company lies heavily on its ability to adapt technologically…, hinted British Telecom's newly appointed CEO during his inaugural speech.
  • This seemingly simple statement subtly underscores how strategic decision-making among top-ranking executives could influence organizational transformation.

Data Dominance

Data-centric decision making is no longer optional—it's become a mandate for effective governance and strategic planning. Companies that harness data effectively are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain customers, and nineteen times as likely to be profitable!

  • The appointment of Tomas Smetana as EBM Papst's new CTO showcases how businesses across sectors are recognizing the importance of aligning chief technologists with overall corporate direction.

The Future – Cloud-Agnostic Controls?

Emerging technologies such as cloud computing are being leveraged like never before. The Finos-Citi collaboration offers exciting insights into standardized control systems within companies' digital infrastructure—an area typically overseen by tech-focused executives such as CTOs. So remember:

“The landscape is transforming rapidly; change being driven by data-oriented strategies formulated by technology leaders.”

But here's something you might not have thought about…

Every appointment or retirement matters–each step having potential ripple effects throughout organizational structure! That's right! One individual could have monumental impact within your organization.

So here's question we should ask ourselves: Are we ready?

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