“Adapting to change: how leaders like Andrew Henderson and Chevron’s CFO are transforming the business landscape”

by | Jul 26, 2023 | News, Technology

Imagine a world of business evolving faster than ever, driven by technological advancements and economic uncertainty. Now, imagine a company navigating these tumultuous waters successfully, harnessing the power of change. It's not an easy task, is it?

Leadership Reimagined: The Advent of New Roles

The recent appointments at Advanced – Andrew Henderson as Chief Officer (CTO) and Narinder Sahota as Chief Security Officer (CSO) – are signs that businesses are reshaping their leadership structures to meet emerging demands.

– 70% of companies have been affected by digital disruption.
– “Change is… growth is optional” – John C. Maxwell.

The message is clear: embracing and prioritizing security isn't just an option; it's a necessity in today's digital age.

Tech Titans & Security Stalwarts: The Need for Niche Expertise

Henderson's role signifies a major shift towards -focus while Sahota's appointment reflects the importance placed on robust security measures amid rising cyber threats. In fact, reports suggest that cybercrime will cost nearly $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

Intriguing question: But who ensures these appointments gel well with traditional roles? Who ensures harmony amidst rapid transformations?

A Non-traditional Path: From CFO to CTO at Chevron

Somewhere in this narrative hides a silent hero who goes beyond traditional boundaries while maintaining the essence of existing strategies. This brings us to Chevron's rare move where their CFO assumed dual roles as CTO.

– 80% of executives believe AI will transform business within two years.
– “We can't solve problems by using…” – Faisal Hoque.

You might ask: So what does all this mean?

The Unspoken Change Maestro

In layman terms, it's about transforming leadership styles that align with innovative problem-solving and constant adaptation. And yet there remains a subtle undertone hinting at another role—an unseen conductor ensuring harmony amidst rapid transformations—a role embodying both strategic foresight and tactical prowess without being explicitly mentioned—hinting at you-know-who.

“You must be wondering who?” Well, let me hint even further…

Peter Drucker's Evergreen Wisdom Applied

Peter Drucker famously said – “The greatest danger in times… it's acting with yesterday's logic.” When we think along these lines—what comes to mind are versatile individuals pushing boundaries while remaining rooted in organizational needs—much like an implied transformational maestro operating behind-the-scenes might do—the silent force driving change without explicit recognition or distinct title.

You may think: So ultimately what matters?

Moving Forward Amidst Transformative Era

In this transformative era dictated by disruptive technologies—it becomes apparent businesses must adapt or face obsoletion—but equally important—they need leaders capable guiding them through uncharted territory without losing sight of existing goals—leaders much like those appointed at Advanced and Chevron—and perhaps even those elusive transformation maestros working subtly behind-the-scenes.

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